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Optimizing equine Welfare in practice and performance

Anne Muller (instructor) and dr. Machteld van Dierendonck (clinical ethologist) are the initial developers of the WOW concept. WOW is a customised, pragmatic explanation of the ten First Principles of the International Society for Equitation Science together assuring optimal conditions for learning. The aim of WOW is to give hands & feet to apply science into practice in an easy way. First for children and novices and later for more advanced riders. Both for individual riders as for Instructors.

It is possible to organise a WOW (English spoken) activity with Machteld and/or Anne at your yard or stable facility, anywhere in the world, for any number of people. Just send an e-mail and we will contact you about details and (of course) expenses.


In a time frame of 1 to 3 hours, and 3 to 10 participating riders and any number of spectators, Machteld and/or Anne will explain more about Working on Optimal Equine Welfare. In a very clear and understandable way they show the riders and the audience how a rider can implement this applied scientific knowledge, to improve the effectiveness of riding, (independently of the discipline or the method used). They will also show how this improves the welfare of the horse during training.


Residential workshops always take 2 or more days. Depending on the situation and the time frame a maximum number of participating students will be chosen (in cooperation with the organiser). These workshops can be used to help instructors to develop their own plan for their students.

Academic presentations​

by Machteld van Dierendonck.
Machteld van Dierendonck
Equus Research

Customised presentations​

by Anne Muller and/or Machteld van Dierendonck. 
Anne Muller, Akasha College
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Machteld van Dierendonck
Equus Research